Sonic branding - our approach

Sound moves us like nothing else, creating an emotional connection that transcends pure logic. Your brand’s sonic identity should be a core part of your branding system that creates engagement, connection, motivation and recall for your audience. It is a signifier of your brand’s personality in musical form.

Your sonic identity can be a standalone audio identifier, or become a toolkit of flexible sonic assets to live across your brand.

Created as an integral part of your branding system, your sonic identity will differentiate you from your competitors and market analysis informs our creation to insure impact and tonal fit.

The heartbeat of BBC Music

BBC Music


Music possesses an unrivalled ability to create deep emotional connections with audiences. Through emotional expressions and the energy of performances, it resonates deeply with all of us.

BBC Music is the BBC’s iconic all-encompassing music brand. From Glastonbury to The Proms to music documentaries to superstar performances, BBC Music has got it covered and is one of the most respected music brands in the world.

We were commissioned to create a sonic identity for BBC Music to be used across BBC Music’s promotional and programming output.



Think about how you feel when hearing, watching, and experiencing your favourite music live.

Our mission was simple; develop a sonic brand capable of capturing how live music effects audiences on an emotional and human level.

We understood how important it was to focus on the connection between the artist, the individual and the collective; it’s what makes live music so special. We developed sounds that associated and resonated with each of these fundamental elements, capturing the raw, unbridled energy of the moment. Fusing the visceral impact of live drums, a heartbeat triggering one’s energy, and live crowd reactions mirroring the contagious and profound sense of togetherness that is quintessential to a live music experience.

These three components were finally honed, mixed and blended, creating a sonic logo that not only truly reflected the emotions of a live experience, but embraced the BBC Music brand with open arms.


jack morton


When global experience agency Jack Morton Worldwide came to us to create their sonic brand, it was clear we had to invent something as confident, witty and honest as the brand itself. Just like Jack Morton’s bold and big approach to multi-sensory live experiences, our sonic logo had to ‘Be Extraordinary’, epic and captivating to a worldwide audience.

As we delved into the creative process, we were mindful of the need to establish a deep connection with people, mirroring the way technology unites us all. The objective was clear; communicate Jack’s expertise and understanding of premium, multi-sensory live experiences while building meaningfulness, trust and credibility across client and partner base.



The foundation of our sound design was built upon the emotional journey and brand experience Jack Morton curates – taking audiences from a neutral state, to engagement, and finally inspiration. It needed to be simple yet impactful, staying true to Jack Morton’s core values. (agility, respect, and passion)

Our solution was to create a soundscape that mirrored this journey. The sonic logo commences with a striking impact, followed by a subtle blend of breath and heartbeat elements to mirror the emotional response of the experience.  It was important to reflect the 3 faces of the logo in a contemporary and rhythmic way to reinforce to the human personality of the brand. The sonic concludes with a burst of excitement, effectively underscoring the authority of Jack Morton’s brand line ‘Be Extraordinary’.

The result? See and hear for yourself.


just add water


Just Add Water helps their clients to empowering them to become more inspirational, engaging and effective in connecting with audiences inside and outside of their organisations. As the name suggests, Just Add Water takes all the existing ingredients their clients possess and adds ‘water’ for growth and development.

With Just Add Water renowned as experts in storytelling, empowerment, and ambition we dove right into the task of creating a sonic logo that not only embodies these core values but also complements and unifies its branding.



Our solution? Devise a strong musical motif that would evoke thoughts of progress and growth. We curated a four-note logo that reflects how one would naturally say ‘Just Add Water’, treating it as the answer and solution to the challenges that JAW’s clients encounter.  

The choice of sonic elements was crucial; they had to convey positivity, lightness of touch and a have clear association with the idea of overcoming challenges by adding water. We created the four-note logo with sounds of bubbles and synths to capture the essence of water itself, then concluding with a C  major chord to signify the growth that occurs once water has been added.

With this sonic logo, we believe Just Add Water will make a big splash in the industry, leaving a lasting impression on its clients, diving into new depths of success. 

The result? See and hear for yourself.