Eastenders Christmas Day 2018 BBC Radio 1 Trail
24 Hours Will Shatter The Square - Autumn 2017 Campaign
Brace Yourself (Radio 1 version) - Spring 2017 Campaign
Brace Yourself (Radio 2 version) - Spring 2017 Campaign
Peggy's Last Goodbye & Killer Bobby - 2016 Campaign


We produced audio trails for the Christmas Day Special of Eastenders in 2018. Listen above.



24 Hours Will Shatter The Square:

Albert Square is rocked by destruction and conflict everywhere you turn.  A week of dramatic action and dramatic trails focusing on key storylines featuring the complex crescendo of the storyline featuring Max, Steven and Jane...  Linda's struggling relationship with Mick and a massive fireball in the middle of The Square. 



Brace Yourself:

An intense love triangle comes to a head in crashing fashion - supporting a TV campaign juxtaposing the love triangle with a massive car crash.



Peggy's Last Goodbye:

Barbara Windsor signs off as Peggy Mitchell in mid-2016.  Every end is a new beginning.  We worked with BBC Creative recording on location in Albert Square and producing the audio trailers campaign.

Bobby - A Killer Revealed: A killer week as Bobby's secret comes out.


Production, mixing, recording, sound design: On The Sly

Additional production support BBC M&A

Music: Commercial tracks, Extreme Music and Split Music

Client: BBC Creative & Marketing

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